Inma Barrero


Inma Barrero's poetic sculptural body of work is infused with a surrealist spirit and an exploration of the feminine. Barrero captures in her sculptures her memories of places, objects and the qualities of light from her native Southern Spain.

Her interpretation of the natural world is filled with a poetic sensibility where light and shadows interact with the pieces to become part of wherever they are displayed. The past is reconciled with the present as these works recount the richness of her life. 

Barrero's creativity stems out of a deep relationship to materials and nature.  A trained ceramicist, she works essentially with combinations of modeled clay, porcelain, twisted metal and glass. Her delicate ceramic often enters in dialog with rougher found objects. Whether unique pieces or commissioned installations, the sculptures exists in a personal metaphorical world neither fully figurative, nor abstract. 

Her work is part of private and public collections in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. Inma Barrero lives and works in New York City.