Fatimh Al Nemer


Born in Al-Qatif, Eastern Province, Fatima embarked on her creative journey as a visual artist in 1999, diversifying her artistic endeavors across various mediums of expression, including visual arts, multimedia art, collage, and the unique technique of textile integration with her own printing methods, now studied in some university curricula under her name.


Fatima Al Namr is renowned for her focus on themes inspired by folklore and social heritage, celebrating women as a central element in her works. Often placing herself at the heart of her canvases, Al Namr appears as a heroine in historical narratives or as an inspirational figure from heritage, living a new life that delves deep into the soul of that character.


This distinctive artistic style has left an unforgettable imprint on her works, instantly making her recognizable anywhere exhibited. Fatima Al Namr has curated numerous successful solo art exhibitions, including 11 solo exhibitions worldwide, and participated in major exhibitions held in renowned art centers and museums globally. Her artworks can be found in major international art museums.


Among her notable exhibitions are the Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Sweden in 2012, the Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Mobi Museum in India in 2010, the "Incense Road" exhibition at UNESCO Palace in Paris in 2017, the Islamic Art Biennial in Sharjah, UAE in 2014, and her participation in the first art exhibition in Egypt, Cairo, in 2020. She also exhibited her works at the Arab World Institute in Paris in 2018, along with numerous other exhibitions.